Texas Woman Hit With $250K Lawsuit For Feeding Ducks

Photo: Christopher Furlong Getty Images News

Elderly couple selling their home after HOA hits them with a lawsuit for feeding ducks in the neighborhood.

A Texas homeowners' association has filed a $250,000 lawsuit against a woman for feeding ducks.

The Lakeland Village Community Association says Kathleen Rowe has been feeding ducks in the neighborhood for 11 years -- and neighbors have gotten fed up with the foul odor, unsanitary conditions and noise that's resulted. A rep for the HOA says the lawsuit was filed only after Rowe ignored repeated requests to stop feeding the waterfowl.

For her part, Rowe says she actually stopped feeding the ducks for three days after she received one of the HOA's requests -- but it didn't work out for neither her nor the ducks. "By the end of the third day, there were ducks at my front door crying, just crying, saying, 'Why are you not feeding us?'" Rowe says. Although she's hired a lawyer to help fight the lawsuit, Rowe says she's put her house up for sale just in case she ends up having to pay the $250,000.

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