James Webb Telescope FIRST Images Talk From Jay Reynolds

Photo: Getty Images-NASA dima_zel

WTAM "Eye In The Sky" Jay Reynolds spoke to Bill about James Webb Telescope which 'looks' at 'infrared' energy (light). The photos will NOT look like Hubble's or others in the traditional light, which you & I 'see'. (Usually, we see most colors of the spectrum, basic Red Green & Blue are sufficient to produce a natural image. )

WHY infrared? 

Infrared allows us to see details which are invisible to us and most telescopes.

Infrared allows us to see deeper, thus farther in distance, thus farther back in TIME, to when the universe was very young!  

WHY is this so complicated?

ALL Telescopes are precision instruments. 

Seeing in infrared requires, different materials, location away from the Earthvery LARGE mirrors and very LOW temperature control etc etc  

Click Here To Listen Live https://www.iheart.com/live/news-radio-wtam-1100-174

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