Tower City Center Replaces Fountains With Skylight Park Green Space

Artist rendering of Skylight Park at Tower City Center Photo: Artist rendering by Groundswell Design Group

CLEVELAND - The fountains at Tower City Center in downtown Cleveland are being replaced by Skylight Park, a green space inspired by classic midwestern foliage, hand-selected and native to Ohio. Bedrock, a Dan Gilbert company and owner of Tower City collaborated with Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park to highlight natural beauty and greenery within Skylight Park.

Skylight Park will be furnished with benches, picnic tables and chairs for visitors to be able to connect with nature. Additionally, Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s “Mindfulness Moments,” encouraging quotes and mantras, will be posted amidst the greenery allowing visitors to pause and reflect. “We applaud the creative approach of adding tranquil green space to the vibrant city of Cleveland and we are proud to partner in this venture," said Lisa Petit, Superintendent of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. "Parks are for the people, and efforts like this that create equitable access to green space are incredibly important.”

A grand opening celebration will take place on Saturday, July 16th from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Skylight Concourse, with experiential programming and performances, food and beverage pop-ups, family-friendly activities and more. Starting July 14th, family friendly programs and events will take place throughout the summer in and around Skylight Park, including the kickoff of Tower City’s lunchtime music series on Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. For the most up-to-date schedule of events and activities, visit HERE.

Skylight Park is part of Bedrock’s efforts to revitalize Tower City as a hub for shopping and retail experiences, dining, entertainment, and more. Most recently, Bedrock announced three new additions to Tower City, including Unscript’d Boutique and The Eatery’s Ninja City and MODBites by Nuevo.

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