Two Local Men Arrested After 15 Bank Robberies That Spread Over Five States

BELMONT COUNTY - 32-year-old Deandre Thorington of Cleveland heights and 30-year-old Jeremy Martin of Bedford were arrested for allegedly robbing 15 banks in 5 states between February and June.

Thorington and martin allegedly robbed the banks were notes, directing tellers to empty drawers or hand over all the money. They warned the teller they were armed with no dye packs or GPS.

Thorington would get the money and get in the car driven by the getaway driver, Martin.

The pair robbed 6 banks in Michigan, 3 in Indiana, 3 in New York, 2 in Pennsylvania, and 1 in Ohio.

Ohio was there last, after a high-speed chase reaching speeds of 110 mph before being caught by the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.

DeAndre Thorington and Jeremy martin have been charged with bank robbery and incidental crimes, including aiding and abetting, as well as conspiracy to commit bank robbery.

The total amount was just over $47,000 dollars in 4 months.

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