Manhunt Launched After Man Test Drives Vehicle, Doesn't Return

Photo: Getty Images - STAN HONDA

When a man walked into Marlin Motors Wholesale in Norfolk on Monday and asked if he could test-drive a vehicle, an eager salesman happily handed him a set of keys in exchange for a copy of his I.D.

After a few hours had passed and the man still hadn't returned with the 2008 Nissan Altima, the dealership's employees became concerned -- and decided to try contacting him, using the name listed on his driver's license. That's when they realized the I.D. was fake. More importantly, that's also when they realized the Altima had been stolen, according to the Norfolk Police Department.

Although investigators have yet to identify the man pictured in the dealership's surveillance photos, they're pretty sure they've seen him before; they say he pulled the same trick at another dealership on April 20th. Now police have released his photo in hopes that someone will help identify the suspect before he strikes again.

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