Mary Lynn Rajskub (24 "Chole") Interview With Bill Wills-New Book FAME-ISH

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Actress-Comic Mary Lynn Rajskub "Chloe" of 24 and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia spoke to Bill about her new book, FAME-ISH - FAME-ISH is both a slice-of-life memoir and an insider's view of celebrity honest about the ups-and-downs of relationships, the challenges of marriage and motherhood

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“I never knew I needed to know this much about the incredible Mary Lynn Rajskub,

but after reading her hilarious, insightful memoir, I think I need to know even more.”—Judd Apatow

“Now I can pick up this book whenever I want to laugh!”—Fred Armisen


It's not easy being kind of famous. Judd Apatow must love you (but never put you in his movies), Paul Thomas Anderson must take your cell phone number (even when you show up drunk to the Legally Blonde 2 movie audition), and most importantly, you must kiss someone in the likes of the late Rush Limbaugh (in front of the paparazzi). If these rules apply for being kinda famous, Mary Lynn Rajskub is a pro! In her debut collection of essays, FAME-ISH: My Life at the Edge of Stardom (Abrams Press; May 17, 2022; U.S. $26.00; Hardcover), Rajskub (who you may have seen on film and TV projects like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 24, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mr. Show, and the upcoming The Dropout on Hulu), recounts the story of her life, career, those "rules," and ongoing adventures in showbiz.

Coming from humble beginnings in Trenton, Michigan, and working as a waitress at Denny's to her bold start as a stand-up comic and her breakout role on 24 to the thrill and strangeness of being recognized in public, FAME-ISH is also honest about the ups-and-downs of relationships, the challenges of marriage and motherhood, and the disillusionment that happens when your dreams fall apart. Featuring 28 original essays, FAME-ISH is both a slice-of-life memoir and an insider's view of celebrity. In addition to Rajskub's unconventional style of wooing Apatow, Anderson, and Limbaugh, Rajskub opens up about:

**The excitement of being "in proximity to people who were in proximity to huge success!" after moving to LA with dreams of becoming a comedy star, and how she found her life's purpose in "300 indecipherable, not-easy steps."

**Getting acting lessons from Garry Shandling, getting real with Harrison Ford, making out with Tom Cruise, stopping Drew Barrymore from stealing her boyfriend (while briefly flirting with the idea of Drew Barrymore as her girlfriend), and getting acting lessons from Kiefer Sutherland.

**Choosing her projects, picking her battles, maintaining her dignity, dating during COVID, being a mom, and much more.

Thanks to her resilience and unfailing sense of humor, Rajskub continues to see the bright side of just about everything, even the most trying of circumstances, and keeps laughing through it all.


Mary Lynn Rajskub is an actress, comedian and writer, best known for playing 'Chloe' on the Fox drama 24 and also 'Gail the Snail' from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. You have also seen her in Night School, Safety Not Guaranteed, Wilson, Little Miss Sunshine, Legally Blonde 2, Julie and Julia, Punch Drunk Love, Mysterious Skin, Firewall, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, The Girlfriend Experience, The Larry Sanders Show, Two Broke Girls and Mr. Show. Most recently, she was in the ensemble cast of the film Night School, the No.1 comedy film in 2018. Mary Lynn just returned from a US tour with comedian Fred Armisen. She performs stand up comedy all over the country.

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