“My City Is Gone” Will Be Gone Starting Monday May 23rd

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The theme song for The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show will be changing starting Monday, May 23rd. Currently, the music is the same theme used by longtime radio host Rush Limbaugh My City Was Gone by The Pretenders. Starting Monday, the show will be using the song My Own Worst Enemy by Lit.

Premiere Networks said in a statement:

"We are excited to announce our partnership with a band that not only loves and listens to the show but shares Clay & Buck’s values and beliefs. The band is “Lit”, and the song is called, “My Own Worst Enemy.”  This high-energy song has had amazing success since its debut in 1999 and has over 46 million YouTube views and we think you’ll like it as it becomes the show anthem and battle cry.  We’re confident that this amazing band will fit with the Clay and Buck show just as "My City Was Gone" did with Rush.
We'll always be proud of our affiliation with Rush and his legendary theme song - and we hope this new song will get you revved and ready to go too. Please join us in welcoming “Lit” to the Clay & Buck Show family starting Monday, May 23rd, 2022!"

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