Former Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer Suspended 324 Games

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Dodgers

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MLB Commissioner Robert J Manfred announced today that following an extensive investigation, the MLB has decided to suspend Los Angeles Dodgers Pitcher Trevor Bauer for 324 games, which is equal to two full seasons. The suspension is without pay and effective immediately for violating Major League Baseball's Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy.

"Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. announced today that following an extensive investigation by MLB’s Department of Investigations, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has received a suspension for 324 championship season games (representing two full seasons) without pay, effective today, for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy.

"In accordance with the terms of the Policy, the Commissioner’s Office will not issue any further statements at this point in time"

Trevor Bauer responded on Twitter just minutes after the news was released.

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