ACLU Pressuring The Ohio Redistricting Commission

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COLUMBUS - The American Civil Liberties Union is asking the Ohio State Supreme court to force the Ohio Redistricting Commission to meet this week. If the commission does not meet, the ACLU is asking they be held in contempt of court. The ACLU says the Republican members of the commission are purposely stalling a meeting, so they can run out the clock on the May 28th deadline set by federal judges. Federal judges told the Commission to submit a new map that meets state requirements, and if they could not do so, they would impose a map previously deemed unconstitutional. You can watch the latest meeting in the video below.

This afternoon a Republican from the Ohio Redistricting Commission came forward and explained how some members' scheduling prevented the commission from the meeting. State Auditor Keith Farber explained Governor DeWine's recent COVID-19 diagnosis was just one factor preventing the group from meeting. Farber also suggested that a virtual meeting should be discussed. Farber then urged Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to ask for a deadline extension so the Commission could attempt to schedule a virtual meeting.

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