Detroit Zamboni Driver Fired For Peeing Into Drain

The longtime Zamboni driver for the Detroit Red Wings is out of a job after he was caught peeing into a drain.

That's according to a lawsuit filed by driver Al Sobotka, who claims he was terminated because he's 68 years old and has a disability: benign prostate hypertrophy, which causes a frequent need to urinate. One of those "needs" surfaced on February 2nd, when Sobotka was 70 feet away from the nearest restroom, the lawsuit reveals. So he just whipped it out and relieved himself in a drain that handles the ice runoff from the Zamboni, per the suit. Sobotka was fired for the deed on February 17th.

Sobotka's suit seeks "compensatory damages." Neither Red Wings officials, nor management at Little Caesar's Arena, have commented on the suit.

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