The Columbine Massacre Takes Place 23 Years Ago Today

Today in 1865, safety matches were first advertised.

Today in 1902, French scientists Pierre and Marie Curie successfully isolated the radioactive element, radium. Unaware of its deadly effects, Marie later died of leukemia.

Today in 1914, the Ludlow Massacre took place when the Colorado National Guard opened fire on a tent colony of striking miners, their wives and children – killing 21.

Today in 1916, Wrigley Field opened in Chicago.

Today in 1961, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave approval for FM stereo broadcasting.

Today in 1962, the New Orleans Citizens’ Council offered a free one-way ride for blacks to move to northern states. Dubbed ‘Reverse Freedom Rides,’ it was a deliberate attempt by white supremacists to get rid of African-Americans in the South.

Today in 1965, Sidney Lumet's film, "The Pawnbroker," starring Rod Steiger, premiered in theaters. It was notable for its display of nude female breasts.

Today in 1967, American planes bombed Haiphong for first time during the Vietnam War.

Today in 1971, Supreme Court upheld busing as means of achieving racial desegregation.

Today in 1971, National Public Radio went on the air.

Today in 1972, the manned lunar module from Apollo 16 landed on the moon.

Today in1977, SCOTUS said people can refuse to display a state motto on a license.

Today in 1990, Pete Rose, who was already banished from baseball for gambling, pled guilty to two felony counts alleging he concealed nearly $300-thousand in income from the Internal Revenue Service.

Today in 1995, in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, the FBI announced it was looking for two men suspected of renting the truck used to carry the explosives. Meanwhile, rescue teams suspended the search for survivors so that the remaining structure of the Alfred P. Murrah Building could be shored up.

Today in 1999, two students shot and killed 12 classmates and one teacher before taking their own lives at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

Today in 2008, Danica Patrick became the first female driver in history to win an Indy car race when she won the Indy Japan 300.

Today in 2010, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded, killing 11 and causing the rig to sink, causing a massive oil discharge into the Gulf of Mexico and an environmental disaster.

Today in 2020, the price of US oil turned negative for the first time in history – West Texas Intermediate, the benchmark for US oil – fell as low as minus $37.63 a barrel as worldwide demand dropped thanks to the shutdowns of various countries.

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