Newburgh Heights Mayor Pleads Guilty

Mayor Trevor Elkins

Photo: Village of Newburgh Heights

Former Newburgh Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins plead guilty to misdemeanor charges related to his campaign. The plea deal was the following.

  • Close All Campaign Accounts
  • Serve Five Year Probation
  • Will Not be Allowed to Run for Office in Cuyahoga County until 2028.
  • Will Resign and Pay a $750 Dollar Fine.
  • Will Avoid Jail Time

After the guilty plead Judge Joan Synenberg asked Elkins " As part of your guilty plead, at this time do you tender your resignation as mayor of Newburgh Heights?" Elkins replied "Yes Your Honor"

Trevor Elkins Political Career started 17 years ago, when he was elected at the age of 21. This would have been this third term as mayor of Newburgh Heights.

Judge Synenberg has set sentencing for May 26th at 10:30 am.

With Elkins resignation effective immediately, Gigi Traore will become mayor of Newburgh Heights.

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