Reds President Castellini Apologizes For Comments Made On Fan Frustrations

Cincinnati Reds President and COO Phil Castellini spoke to 700 WLW - Radio Home Of The Reds about fans who have had criticisms of moves made during this past offseason.

"The answer is, 'Are you going to abandon being a Reds fan? Are you going to abandon following this team?' We haven't abandoned it. We haven't abandoned investing in the team and this community," Castellini said in an interview Tuesday at the ballpark.

"The point is, how about everybody just settle down and celebrate and cheer for the team. You can hate on us all you want we're not going anywhere we haven't abandoned our commitment to winning and investing in this franchise and in this community so the point is, stay tuned and be a fan, celebrate these guys, and look at what they did in Atlanta and come out and celebrate what they did here today," Castellini added.

"So, be careful what you ask for. I think we're doing the best we can do with the resources that we have. We're no more pleased with the results than the fans. I'm not polishing any trophies in the office right now and that's what we're here to do.

Cincinnati Reds President and Chief Operating Officer Phil Castellini issued a formal apology after the Reds' loss to the Cleveland Guardians 10-5 on Tuesday.

"I apologize to the Reds fans and regret the comments that I made earlier today. We love this city, we love this team, and we love our fans. I understand how our fans feel and I am sorry," Castellini said.

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