Michael Jordan Ends 17-Month Bulls Retirement This Day, 1995

Today in 1881, Barnum and Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth opened in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Today in 1931, Schick, Inc. began marketing the first practical, electric razor in Connecticut.

Today in 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed a bill removing gold backing of US paper money. The “Gold Standard” was no more.

Today in 1970, the U.S. Postal Service experienced the first postal strike.

Today in 1985, baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn reinstated Hall of Fame stars Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. They had been banned from baseball after accepting public relations jobs with gambling casinos. Mantle threw out the first pitch to a standing ovation as the New York Yankees played their home opener against the Chicago White Sox.

Today in 1992, National Football League owners voted to drop the use of instant videotape replays to settle disputed calls during games. They brought it back in 1999.

Today in 1995, Michael Jordan rejoined the Chicago Bulls ending his 17-month retirement from basketball.

Today in 2005, Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was removed at the request of her husband, Michael. Terri became the face of the “right to die” movement toward the end of her life. While her husband maintained that she had expressed a desire to be allowed to die if she were ever severely incapacitated, her parents disagreed. In a highly-publicized and prolonged series of legal challenges presented by her parents and by state and federal legislative intervention caused a seven-year delay before her feeding tube was ultimately removed. Her parents appealed to the Supreme Court, but were denied. Terri passed away the following March 31st.

Today in 2018, Black American Stephon Clark was shot 20 times by police in his grandmother's backyard in Sacramento, California. The officers have since returned to duty and officials have confirmed that no charges will be filed against them.

Today in 2021, President Joe Biden agreed that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a "killer" in ABC News interview. Putin responds "It takes one to know one" a day later.


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