Dave Mortach & Dan Ball Donate $100,000 To Acquitted Cop Matthew Dages

A former La Mesa, California police officer Matthew Dages, who was acquitted of a felony count of filing a false report in connection with a high-profile arrest of a young Black man got a charitable donation to help with his attorney’s fees. Dave Mortach from “Mortach Financial and Dan Ball, host on OAN made a $100,000 donation on live TV on Ball’s show and they are encouraging others to donate to the Dages family.

The goal is to raise $200,000 and to date they have reached 68% of their goal or $137,434. To donate visit: HERE

Hear Bill Wills interview Dave Mortach about his support of the Dages family below in the Show Gram podcast.

See the Dages family explain their case to Dan Ball from OAN and the surprise donation from Dave Mortach. The You Tube video is below.

The Dages family says thanks to Dave Mortach and Dan Ball. The You Tube video is below.

Visit Mortach Financial: HERE

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