Scream Truck - Talk & Info From "Business Insider" Gregg Stebben

"Business Insider" Gregg Stebben talked to Bill about... What is Scream Truck?

1. What is Scream Truck?

2. Why are their ice cream trucks better than those old-school ones?

   * Better products...

   * higher prices and better profit margins

   * Customers order and pay in advance on their no surprises for Scream Truck when it comes to daily sales and inventory needs

   * Customers love it because Scream Truck comes right to your house, and texts you when they're on the way. 

3. Of course, it all happens through your phone...

...which both kids and their millennial parents love. 

4. What can I, a wanna-be entrepreneur, learn from Scream Truck?

5. I already own a small business... what can I learn from Scream Truck?

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