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Agent Meister from the Geek Squad talked to Bill about Today's tip is a simple, but welcome, thing for those that watch a lot of Netflix. How to remove TV shows and movies from the "Continue Watching" row.

When you open the Netflix app on your computer, phone, or TV, you've probably noticed the "Continue Watching" row. This row includes all the recent episodes or movies you've started and maybe decided you no longer want to watch.

As some people like to use this row to keep track of where they are in a series and get back to them quickly, they'll be happy to know they can get rid of things they're never going to watch.

Here's how:

Netflix web app on the computer:

1. Move your mouse over the card for the item you want to remove.

2. When it expands, look for the circle with an X in it. This will say "Remove from row" if you hover over it.

3. You'll be given options to rate the item before you remove it or just clean it without a rating.

On Your Phone:

1. Press the 3 vertical dot menu button.

2. Select "Remove from Row" in the pop-up menu across the bottom of the app.

On your Smart TV:

1. Click on the show or movie from the "Continue Watching" row.

2. When the show page comes up, scroll down on the options and select "Remove from Continue Watching".

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