Many Parents Say Date Night Is Crucial To Keep Romance Alive

Being a parent can result in couples losing the romance in their relationship, but for a lot of folks that spark is certainly still there, and going on dates is key to keeping it.

A new survey of parents with kids five to 18 finds:

72% say they still get butterflies when they see their partner.

Another 75% describe meeting their partner as “love at first sight.” 

But keeping the romance alive, especially over the past two years, hasn’t been easy.

78% say regular date nights are crucial to keep the spark alive.

On average, parents have had only seven date nights since the beginning of the pandemic.

Although 72% of parents say that before the pandemic they usually preferred to stay in than have date nights.

In fact, 79% say they only have date nights on special occasions. 

When parents do get to go out, they say the perfect date night consists of:

Movies (47%)

Dinner (46%

Talking (46%)

Dancing (44%)

Relaxing (42%)

With Valentine’s Day coming up, 76% of parents say the romantic holiday is an important date night.

And believe it or not, more men are more interested in V-day than women (85% vs. 80%).

(Photo by Pau Barrena/AFP via Getty Images)

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