Snow Plow Map Coming to the City of Cleveland

(Cleveland, OH) - Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb held a briefing Thursday afternoon.

Bibb spoke about how City officials learned a lot when snow was not plowed to the satisfaction of residents last week.

"We will continue to update the public one we get more trucks added to the fleet," Mayor Bibb said.

"I inherited a broken system that needs significant overhaul and investment. I heard you. We need a new snow removal plan to ensure that we are better prepared for the next storm," Bibb added. 

He added that the City will work to get plows on more City vehicles and it will allow them to start plowing residential streets at the same time as main and secondary streets.

All of the trucks will also be able to be tracked, as they will have their locations known via their GPS on the City of Cleveland's website.

City of Cleveland Disclaimer: The Snow Plow Map is currently in Phase I with additional data coming soon. If you have additional questions, please contact the Division or Streets at 311.

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