Cuyahoga County Public Library Will No Longer Charge Daily Overdue Fees

(Cuyahoga County, OH) - Cuyahoga County Public Library will no longer charge daily overdue fees.

To kick off its 100th anniversary celebration, the CCPL has announced that its Board of Trustees has approved a new policy of no more daily overdue fines as of January 26.

CCPL says any items that are not returned more than 21 days after their due date will be considered “lost.” When an item is lost, borrowers are charged a replacement fee. When a lost item is returned, the replacement fee is cleared.

For good measure, Cuyahoga County Public Library says it will also forgive every cardholder any fines or fees currently on their account. "It's a fresh start for everyone," CCPL said in its release announcing the new policy.

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