Video: Browns' Malik McDowell Arrested Naked In Florida

(Deerfield Beach, Florida) - Video from TMZ shows Browns defensive lineman Malik McDowell completely naked while he was arrested Monday. He didn't have a stitch of clothing on his body as Deerfield Beach Police were arrest5ing McDowell.

Every time McDowell is seen moving in the video, he seemed to be agitated with police, writhing on the ground.

Police documents show that McDowell stripped naked, and was seen walking that wary around the outside of a school. One officer says McDowell hit him in the eye, causing the eye to be swollen.

McDowell was eventually taken down with a Taser.

The Browns issued this statement. "We are aware of the very concerning incident and arrest involving Malik McDowell and are in the process of gathering more information. We understand the severity of this matter and our thoughts are for the well-being of all involved. … No further comment at this time."

(Photo courtesy Cleveland Browns)

(Video from TMZ)

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