John Johnson III's Exit Interview 1/10/22

On disappointment that the team was not able to reach the postseason:

“I think the disappointment was a couple of weeks ago after that Pittsburgh game when the chances of making it were slowly disappearing. I think now it is kind of like you are looking at the brighter side of things, what we did well and what we can build on. I think the disappointment is kind of gone for me, and it is kind of like what can we do to be better moving forward towards next year and talking with AB (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Andrew Berry) and with (Head) Coach Kevin (Stefanski) and stuff like that. I think it is just get it all out and see what we can do to get better.”

On what communication looked like on both sides of the ball to get up to speed together:

“All good teams play complementary football. I am glad you mentioned that because that is one thing I felt like we did not do well this year, whether the offense was firing and the defense was not or the defense was firing and the offense was not. Even just like mid-game, if we get a turnover, we have to get points off of the turnover. That has to be mandatory. I think complementary football is huge, but I think the leaders on this team kind of separated the offense and the defense – not in a bad way – -but defense worried about the defense and offense worried the offense. Maybe moving forward, we have to try to kind of mesh a little bit more together to understand that complementary football really has to come into play if we want to be a good team.”

On if Stefanski and him talked about his tweet during the Green Bay game:

“It was jokingly, he said something to me about it. He just did not really like that it was public. We want to keep comments like that in house, but it was not anything bad. Everybody has opinions and feelings, and I was watching the game as a fan. It was early in the game. (RB Nick) Chubb, he had six touches for like 80 yards. That is all I saw so I was just like, ‘Get him the ball.’ I think he is one of the best running backs in the league, if not the best. It was not anything personal or bad, but we chopped it up.”

On if there was disappointment that the Browns were not able to use their three S set as effectively or as often as desired this season:

“I do not think it was frustration or disappointment. Early in the season, we had a few plays where it just did not really work out, but I think for the most part, we gave offenses trouble with different looks. It may not have been all the big plays, sacks and picks that you want to see, but I think we gave offenses trouble, locating (S) Ronnie (Harrison Jr.), locating (S) Grant (Delpit) and seeing where I am. I think it was just a great change up, having speed out there. That Baltimore game, all three of us had interceptions so that was huge. I would not say that it was a super-duper success, but I do not think it was a failure. I think it is definitely a good start to build on.”

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