Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah's Exit Interview 1/10/22

On areas where he can improve for his second NFL season:

“Everything just put simply, but to be more in detail, just with my ability to see things faster and see plays faster. Just the ability to be able to uplift my team better, to be able to get TFLs and to be able to get up the field in terms of strength and setting the edges. Just really everything. Tackling and making sure that I take the right angles. I will be doing a lot of work in the offseason, and God willing, it translates.”

On his development in defensive coordinator Joe Woods’ defense this season:

“He really tried to key in on my strengths just in terms of the versatility that he saw on the film during college. He really kind of tried to replicate as much as he could with that kind of position and the type of scheme that I was definitely getting well at or really progressing at. He really did a good job of trying to take my strengths and develop those. It is my job to be able to strengthen my weaknesses and things that I did not necessarily do that I saw that can definitely improve.”

On the biggest lesson or takeaway from his rookie season:

“I think the biggest lesson that I learned was it is not the fastest, it was not the strongest or it was not really the smartest people who are successful or smartest teams that are successful in this business and in this league. I think anybody would agree that on paper, we are better than dang near any of the teams that you are really seeing in the playoffs and things like that. I do not think anybody would really disagree with that. It is just those team that can come together as one and be a unity, those teams that can do the right things at the right time and those teams that have 11 people who do the job when it is called for. That is the biggest lesson that I really took just in terms of the brotherhood really matters. That is something that we really keyed in on at Notre Dame and at college because that is all we have really and we are not getting paid – at least back when I was playing we were not getting paid (laughter). That is something that I would really like to see is just this team to be a team, the brotherhood to be a brotherhood and just the unit to be a unit. That is the biggest thing that I really learned just in terms of what we should look towards next year in terms of the unity.”

On if the Browns were ‘lacking in that unity and brotherhood’ and how the team can establish better unity:

“I would not use the word ‘lacking’ necessarily, but I would say that is something that we just need to get better at. There are a lot of things that we need to get better at, but I would just say that is one of the things that I took away just by my observations just of abilities for us to bond closer and abilities for us to build that chemistry that is needed at a level that we will appreciate.”

On his plan for improving during the offseason:

“My offseason is really going to revolve around health. That is really something that I am keying on is how can I use the health restrictions that I have to get better, to improve my strength and to improve in my speed, my immunity and everything that encompasses the whole being. My offseason will partake in really holistic perspective in terms of making sure that I get the little things, whether it is massage, whether it is cryotherapy or whether it is certain tactics and plant healing. I am looking at the holistic picture of my offseason and what I can do to fulfill needs that I really need to fulfill to come back and be the best that I can to fulfill my job.”

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