Empora Title, the premier tech-forward title company, announced its official entry to the market in late 2021. With its promise to deliver visibility, transparency, speed and accuracy with every transaction and for every real estate investor, Empora is setting the standard for what the title industry should be - now and for the next 100 years.

Founded by CEO Megan Harris, Empora has the expertise, resources and tools to ensure its customers receive a fast, seamless experience that can be tracked via the intuitive Empora client portal. The dashboard also houses key documents and secures sensitive information, while automating and expediting the title transaction.

“Empora is re-thinking the title experience. Our intent was to launch a digital title agency for customers who want an entirely different experience than ever before,” said Megan Harris, CEO & Founder. “Whether you have 1 or 100 deals underway, everyone receives the same, best-in-class service, time savings and clarity throughout their closings.”

Always challenging the status quo, Empora provides 100% access and clarity into the title process. The result? A customer-first digital title company with real-time alerts, reminders and proactive, timely responses to questions from accessible experts. With Empora, customers can expect to cut their closing costs in half and save significant time.

To deliver on this holistic experience, Empora’s team of engineers focus on addressing any potential technology concerns upfront and in real time. Because of this dedication to excellence, the innovative platform constantly evolves, catering to the ever-changing demands of the real estate investor and industry as a whole.

Now servicing the Ohio market, Empora will soon expand its footprint on a national level. They are backed by legacy companies and partner with industry veterans to deliver results to residential and commercial real estate investors, lenders, agents, buyers, sellers and more across the country.

"Empora brings an innovative and complementary product to market that will inevitably disrupt the title industry as we know it,” says Raymond Tonsing, Founder and Managing Partner at Caffeinated Capital. “Megan Harris is an exceptional talent with the experience and expertise to build a large and meaningful company. We take great pride in being one of their first investors and look forward to partnering with Empora”

For additional information and to schedule a demo with the Empora Title team, please visit EmporaTitle.com and follow @emporatitle on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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