Baker Mayfield Post Game 12/10/21

On how many text messages he has to respond to after a big win like this week:

“Not too many. Just catching up with family and friends. Just responding to them.”

On being evaluated for a concussion during the game and how that occurred:

“That is just the protocol. Obviously, I was not very happy about it. It is what it is.”

On not being concerned with how the game looks as long as the Browns earn a win:

“The point is to win a football game. If you have more points than the other team, then you have accomplished your goal.”

On DE Myles Garrett’s sack-fumble and ensuing fumble-return TD:

“A great play. I was giving JD (DE Jadeveon Clowney) some crap about him not getting the ball. Myles’ strip-sack and then being around the ball after he forced it and being able to pick it up and run, that is a scary, scary large man with the ball in his hands. It was great play by him, and obviously, they played extremely well today.”

On how the Browns offense played in the win:

“We did enough to win the game so check that box off. We got conservative. I think we need to put that team away. We got ahead early. We just need to capitalize when the defense is playing like that and holding them to points. We need to put it away. That’s what good teams do, so we need to improve on that. We were better in the red zone today and on third down. That is something that obviously I have talked to you guys about. We just need to play better in those situations to put the game away.”

On what he liked most about what the Browns offense did in the first half:

“Besides the first two drives, we were in two third-and-longs, which we talked about trying to stay out of those. We were in two third-and-longs on the first few drives. Obviously, a penalty bailed us out with (WR) Donovan (Peoples-Jones) on the defensive pass interference. I liked that we were efficient on first and second down for the most part. We kept it manageable on third down. That is why were a lot better today so we need to keep improving on that.”

On if DE Myles Garrett’s message in the media about players not being focused enough in practice this week resonated with Browns players:

“I did not hear that. I do not really listen to any of the media stuff to be honest with you. My job is to prepare the best I can and get our guys on offense the most prepared they can be. I thought we did a good job. Obviously, whatever Myles did to spark the fire defense, if that worked, then great. We got the win, and that is all that matters.”

On TE Austin Hooper having arguably his best game of the season:

“Obviously, Hoop is a vital piece of our offense. He is a great player so just need to get him more involved. Right now, it is about getting the ball in our playmakers’ hands and letting them do the work. He is one of those guys for us.”

On if this is the best he has felt physically after a game in recent weeks:

“This is the best I have felt since Week 2 so yeah (laughter).”

On WR Jarvis Landry recording a TD:

“Just a great route overall. Man to man coverage. He is selling a run like he is going to block some guy, and he is just explosive out of his cut. I did not make it easy on him with ball placement. It was left inside to where he had to turn, but he did a little hesitation and made a great play. It is good to see guys like that get in the end zone. He deserves all of that for sure.”

On his mindset in the fourth quarter as the Ravens continued to cut into the Browns’ lead:

“I had all of the confidence in the world. Obviously, the onside kick was unfortunate. It looked like Jano was trying to go block (FB Andy Janovich) and there was somebody to recover it back behind, and it just happened to take a bounce and hit him. I had confidence in our defense. They had been playing great all game long. They stepped up big – obviously (DE) Jadeveon’s (Clowney) sack and then (CB) Denzel (Ward) making that tackle in a very critical fourth down. They played extremely well today, and they did it especially when it was crunch time.”

On the challenge to prepare to play with new formations due to injuries:

“It is the same challenge we go through every week. It is what our gameplan is, and we knew going into this one we were going to be down tight ends. It was not like it happened on Friday. We prepared all week for this to happen. Guys came out. Obviously, (G) Blake (Hance) and (TE) Miller (Forristall)… I take that back – I do not even call him ‘Miller’ in the building. He is a rookie – he is called ‘Maurice’ in the building right now (laughter)… Maurice and Blake Hance played great as the extra tight end and then obviously putting (G) Michael Dunn in there, as well. Those guys stepped up. They knew their job, and we expect those guys to do the same thing every week.”

On playing with the confidence to make a playoff run:

“That is the goal is to make a run, but it is one week at a time. We have to take care of business next week. We play on Saturday against the Raiders, an AFC opponent. Obviously, an extremely important game, but each one from here on out is extremely important so we have to handle it the same way.”

On RB Kareem Hunt sustaining an injury and leaving the game:

“Unfortunate, but that is why we have (RB) D’Ernest (Johnson), who steps up time and time again. Hopefully, it is nothing serious. I have not really talked to Kareem. He seemed like he was in good spirits and positive for next week so we will see. Obviously, not my call, but he seemed like he was in good spirits.”

On the Browns defense’s determination during the game:

“All game long, you could tell they were locked in and ready to go. That is why when the onside kick happened, I truly was not that worried. It is one of those situations like, ‘No, we should not be in this situation, but I trust those guys.’”

On his reaction when the Browns defense made the final stop:

“That I have to somehow find my helmet and go take a knee and get out of there.”

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