The Kent City School District is responding to Plans of a Student Walkout

(Cleveland, OH) - The Kent City School District is responding to reported plans of a student walkout at Theodore Roosevelt High School.


DECEMBER 10, 2021

The Kent City School District has been made aware of a student using social media to organize a ‘walkout’ of Theodore Roosevelt High School today due to the student asserting that the District has not taken allegations of inappropriate conduct seriously. In actuality, however, when made aware of the allegations, the District followed Board Policy as well as Federal and State laws in ensuring that full, complete and thorough investigations were conducted, and appropriate steps were taken to address the concerns.

The District is always willing to listen to our students, our community’s most treasured asset and also the foundation for our purpose. Kent City Schools strives to ensure students have the opportunity to learn in a safe, harassment-free environment that encourages inquiry, critical thinking, and the desire for life-long learning. We believe these abilities are fundamental to improving the quality of our students' lives, today and in the future.

George J. Joseph


WTAM 1100 reached out to Kent City Schools and officials have not confirmed whether or not the walkout was successful.

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