Jeremiah Owusu-Koramorah Spoke to the Media 11/29/21

On if the Browns defense’s gameplan went ‘as well as the team could have hoped’:

“The objective is always to keep the offense from scoring and they scored so I do not think it went as well as we would have thought or planned. The plan was to stop them in the run and the pass. We almost accomplished that, but we can always do better.”

On the Browns defense recording four interceptions yet the frustration Ravens QB Lamar Jackson was still able to make big plays despite the defense executing relatively well:

“He is a great athlete, a great playmaker and is able to extend plays. These are the things that you have to plan for. These are the things that you have to fully focus on. We did what we did. There is always more to do. We will see these next two weeks.”

On lessons from last night’s game about Jackson that he can take into Week 14 against Baltimore:

“Truly a competitor. Never gives up, even on simple plays. He extends the plays. He is able to run. He is able to look downfield as he is running and as he is dodging guys. He is a tough player. That is what I will take. The first take was just that. He is a competitor, and he is a guy who is never going to quit, even if we are in front of his face every play.”

On if he feels he is built for a QB like Jackson due to his own speed and versatility:

“I would not say necessarily built for just one quarterback. I think my mindset is I believe that I should be built for every quarterback – glory be unto God. I definitely feel like it is not just a sole quarterback that I am here for or a sole quarterback that I am built for, but I think I can compete against them all.”

On how his ankle felt last night after returning from injured reserve:

“On some of the cuts, I was trying to push out of it and do certain things, but it is football. It is the NFL. There are a lot of games that you have to fight through certain things that may still be bothering you in games. It felt good at some moments, and in some moments, I just have to fight through it.”

On how the Browns defense is responding after a game in which the team produced four takeaways but was only able to score 10 points:

“First and foremost, we are a team. We are unit. That is what (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) emphasizes day in and day out. No matter if the defense is doing bad or the offense is good or the offense is doing bad or the defense is doing good, we are all a team; it does not matter in reference to winning or losing. If we both play well, we play well; if we both play bad, we play bad; we stick together. That is what this team is.”

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