Jack Conklin Spoke to the Media 11/26/21

On if he plans to play on Sunday:


On how he felt returning to practice this week after being on injured reserve with an elbow injury:

“Good. Happy to be back out here. I feel good.”

On if he was concerned his season could potentially be over when sustaining the elbow injury:

“Definitely, I was worried about it. Luckily, it was not a season-ending injury or anything like that. Never want to get hurt and be out, but happy it was short-term and able to get back out here.”

On if it was a scary moment when injuring his elbow:

“When you are on the ground and your arm is facing the opposite direction, it is a little nerve-wracking.”

On how he sustained the elbow injury:

“I am still not exactly sure. It was hard to tell on the film. Just went down to brace, and I think somebody kicked my elbow coming through and it just popped out.”

On if he was on the ground when the elbow injury occurred:

“No, just bracing, I think.”

On the rehab process for the elbow injury:

“Just getting it back moving. Keeping it from getting too tight and getting it moving a bunch. Luckily my elbow responded well, and now, I am back out here.”

On if anything similar to his elbow injury had ever happened to him before:

“No, not like that.”

On if the elbow could require surgery during the offseason:

“I do not think so. I do not think so. As long as it feels well and I am playing fine, I do not think it will be an issue.”

On the potential lift to the offense with him and RB Kareem Hunt returning to the team from injured reserve:

“Excited to get back. Anytime we can get all of our starters back and get our guys going, that is a plus. You get guys back that have not been playing, it just brings energy to the group, too, and confidence and stuff. I am pumped to be back out there and ready to get rolling.”

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