This Day In History- Jack Ruby Shot And Killed Lee Harvey Oswald

November 24th

Today in 1859,Charles Darwin published “Origin Of The Species” and the Christian community accused him of heresy. The book was an explanation of evolution through the process of natural selection.

Today in 1947,a group of writers, producers and directors who became known as the "Hollywood Ten,"were cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to answer questionsabout alleged Communist influence in the movie industry.

Today in 1960,Wilt Chamberlain set an NBA record, pulling down 55 rebounds in a game.

Today in 1963,Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby shot and killed President Kennedy’s accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on live national television.

Today in 1969,Apollo 12 returned to Earth, ending man’s second visit to the surface of the moon.

Today in 1971,D.B. Cooper parachuted from a Northwest Airlines 727 with $200-thousand he collected from the airline as ransom. He jumped out over a Seattle wilderness area and was never caught, though money was found spread over a wide area.

Today in 1991,rock singer Freddie Mercury died in London at age 45 from AIDS-related pneumonia.

Today in 1993,Congresspassed the Brady Bill, which requires a 5-day waiting period for handgun buyers.

Today in 2012, “Gangnam Style” became the most viewed YouTube video surpassing 808-million views.

Today in 2014,protests and riots erupted in Ferguson, Missouri after a decision by Missouri grand jury to not bring charges against a white policeman who shot Black teenager Michael Brown dead. The following day, protests spread across the United States.

Today in 2015,white Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with first-degree murderin the 2014 death of 17-year-old African American Laquan McDonald. If convicted of first-degree murder, Van Dyke faces a prison sentence of 20 years to life. The case marked the first time in nearly 35 years that a Chicago police officer had been charged with first-degree murder for an on-duty fatality. Hewas later convicted of second-degree murder and sentencedto seven years in prison.

Today in 2020,the US General Services Administration officially began Joe Biden's transition, declaring him the "apparent winner" although Donald Trump vows to continue challenging the result.

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