Kevin Stefanski Spoke to the Media Today 11/24/21

Opening statement:

“Big challenge this week going on the road, Sunday Night Football against a really good football team leading our division. Great coaches. We have to have a great work week to prepare and get ready to go.”

On how much QB Baker Mayfield may practice today:

“I think we will see. It is always good when guys can practice throughout the week. I think for all players, it is good if you can put three days together.”

On Mayfield spending significant time and effort for treatment and rehab, in addition to normal game-week preparation:

“He does, and he is not unique in that. In the course of an NFL season, that training room unfortunately there are a lot of guys in there trying to get right and trying to make it to Sunday. That is just part of this grind.”

On confidence WRs Jarvis Landry, Anthony Schwartz and Donovan Peoples-Jones will be available on Sunday, given they will all be listed on the injury report:

“I think that was similar to last week in terms of those guys’ availability on Wednesday. I feel good about Jarvis and then I am just not sure on Schwartzy and DPJ.”

On the boost of RB Kareem Hunt potentially returning from injured reserve and playing this week:

“I think it is great to have him out here, it was great to have him in the walkthrough and I am sure on the practice field. He brings energy and brings a toughness to what he does. I think it gives the guys a boost to start the day.”

On if the Browns designate a non-QB to replicate Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in practice:

“We do use a couple of different guys back there. Now, it does not matter who you put back there; it is not going to replicate his athleticism, his speed, his ability to make throws from the pocket and all of that. He is a rare talent.”

On what Hunt brings to the team without the ball:

“Yeah, he gives great effort throughout. I would even tell you when he is one the sideline when he is cheering his teammates on. When he is on the field, he is a great pass pro, a threat coming out of the backfield to catch routes and can line up outside to catch routes, and we know what type of runner he is. He runs so hard and gains those extra yards, it feels like, with each one of his runs.”

On Mayfield’s frustration not being able to make plays with his legs and Mayfield being able to scramble some against the Lions:

“I thought he made some nice plays there with his feet. Certainly, that adds an element to any offense’s game. You look at some of the big rush attacks around the league, often times there are quarterbacks who are a big focal point of that. Any which way you can gain those yards is a big deal.”

On if he is surprised T Jack Conklin is back this soon after dislocating an elbow against the Steelers:

“Probably in the moment, yes. Anytime you see a guy down like we did in the game, I was not thinking it would be a ‘weeks’ injury like it was. Not surprised when you think about Jack and the type of person and player he is. He is as tough as they come.”

On if the Browns expect CB Troy Hill back in practice this week:

“We are, which is great. Like we talked about a week or two ago, that is scary. To see him come out of that and pushing towards practice is a great thing.”

On why the Ravens are so good defensively on third downs:

“They play very aggressive on third down. They can blitz zero you. They can drop everybody into coverage. They play man. They crawl up in your face playing very aggressive style. They have multiple rushers from a personnel standpoint that they can bring. They have varied type of rushers. The rookie No. 99 (Ravens LB Odafe Oweh) is long and fast. No. 93 (Ravens DE Calais Campbell) has been doing it for a long time. You have a bunch of really good guys who they can throw at you in the pass rush game.”

On if most of the Ravens pass rush ability he is talking about is in third-and-long situations:

“Third-and-anything, they rush well, and then they have good coverage. They have really good corners. It is a combination of rush and coverage.”

On the team’s schedule for Thanksgiving tomorrow:

“What is tomorrow (laughter)? Yeah, we will push up the schedule a little bit. We will not meet after practice.”

On if Schwartz is still in concussion protocol and if Schwartz is making steps towards returning:

“He is progressing. I do not know specifically where he is in all of that. He was in meetings.”

On if Schwartz has done any work on the field:

“I am not exactly sure what he has done outside of practice.”

On if CB A.J. Green is out of concussion protocol:


On the uniqueness and challenges playing the Ravens twice in three weeks with the bye week in between the matchups:

“Yeah, very unique as far as I have heard when the schedule came out. The closest thing we have been a part of would be Pittsburgh last year end of the regular season and the playoffs. Similarly, I know we did that at the Vikings – finished with the Packers and faced them in the playoffs. It is rare. Both teams will come in and watch this tape, and that is it. That is it for the tape you are going to be watching at least from us. I know they have a game in between, but it certainly is unique.”

On every game seeming to be a must-win for the Browns the rest of the season and if the team’s experience last year is beneficial for this season:

“I think we feel that sense of urgency every week. I know what the standings look like. I just know that we have a big game this week versus a really good opponent. We always feel that sense of urgency, regardless of what the calendar may say.”

On the Ravens’ success despite injuries and winning close games and if it takes a while to build that organizational culture:

“I do not know. I would just certainly give them credit for finding ways to win in the fourth quarter and overtime this year. I do not have the exact stat, but a bunch of their ball games, they have come from behind. We have to know we are in for a 60-minute affair or more.”

On Jackson’s strong performances in the fourth quarter and how the Browns defense makes adjustments for it:

“Again, he is a great player. We respect him. Certainly, he has our attention. It is just a matter of being sound in all of what you do for 60 minutes or more. You can’t let up versus a great player.”

On Ravens TE Mark Andrews:

“Very, very dependable. Big, fast and great hands. Baker could probably give you a better scouting report than I could (laughter). He is a problem. He is hard to cover.”

On why it is difficult for defenses to cover a good receiving TE:

“I think they are all different. With the size that some of the tight ends around the league have, it is the classic, ‘They are always open.’ They can go vertically and body defensive backs and get their hands away from their body and catch the ball. I think that is where you have heard it said the ‘security blanket for quarterbacks is those tight ends because they feel like they are always available to them.”

On if any NFL teams have a TE specialist on defense:

“I think some teams will bring in bigger corners or bigger safeties if they are playing man and when they are playing man and deploy them versus your tight ends. I think you do see that.”

On DE Takkarist McKinley’s status and if McKinley is close to returning for games:

“Yeah, I think he is close. I am hopeful that he gets three good days this week.”

On what he has seen mentally from Mayfield and if Mayfield is in a good place mentally:

“I think Baker is in a good place. He is pouring everything he has into this week focusing on his preparation. I think he is in a good place.”

On if Ravens K Justin Tucker is in the conversation of ‘greatest of all time’ among other active NFL players in that discussion:

“You are the wordsmith (laughter). He is great. He is a great player.”

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