Kareem Hunt Spoke to the Media Today 11/24/21

On if this is when he envisioned he would be able to potentially come back from injured reserve:

“Yeah, either this week or the next one. One of these games.”

On if Sunday’s game against the Ravens added extra motivation to return from injury:

“Most definitely. Every game for us from now on is like a playoff game. It does not matter; we have to win.”

On how he sustained his calf injury:

“I do not know. I just think I tried to plant and push really hard, and it gave out on me. I am not really sure. It was tough.”

On if he knew initially the injury was significant and he would miss some time:

“Yeah for sure. I knew right away.”

On how he has been preparing, mentally and physically to return to play:

“It is always a mindset thing. I feel like I have a real strong mindset no matter what. I do not think that should really be a problem.”

On if there has been any extra emphasis watching film or being with the team, given he has been unable to practice:

“Yeah, watching film and trying to help the other backs out with things I think they might have been able to do a little differently or not.”

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