John Johnson III and Anthony Walker Jr. Spoke to the Media Today 11/24/21

On if the Browns’ season comes down to Sunday’s game against the Ravens:

Johnson: “Does the season come down to it? At the moment, yes. We have to win this one. We have to go 1-0 this game, another division game. If we want to win our division, we have to win this game. As said ‘at this moment,’ but later on, it might change.”

On if the Browns have to win Sunday’s game in order to win the AFC North:

Johnson: “Absolutely, we have to go 1-0 each week and that is our goal.”

On how preparing for Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is different than preparing for other teams:

Johnson: “I think it is the same as far as execution and preparation, going out there on the practice field and executing our gameplan for the most part, but obviously, he presents a different challenge. Being able to run the ball every down and being able to make every throw definitely presents a different challenge, but the same execution we have to do every week.”

Walker: “I think it is a bigger emphasis on swarming to the ball. All 11 guys have to be in the frame when the film stops, and that is what we are going to work on at practice.”

On what makes the Ravens’ run game so effective, in addition to Jackson:

Johnson: “I think it is a mentality with them. I think they want to out-physical you. They want to run the ball. There is not secret behind that. They are top five in rushing. I think it is just a mentality. They want to knock you off of the ball, they want to run the ball and they will run the ball as long as you do not stop it. We have to come in with that mindset of we have to knock the run out first and foremost before anything.”

On if the Browns defense can fix their struggles against the run during the last few games:

Johnson: “For sure. You talked about taking Lamar out of the run game, that is the difference of him being able to pull it every play or to hand the ball off every play. That is a different element that we have to account for this week. It is kind of like playing 11-on-11 football instead of 11-on-10. We have to play fundamentally sound with our rules more than anything this week.”

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