Spirit Airlines Announces Expansion at Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Cleveland, OH - Spirit Airlines was in the heat of chaos this year with cancellations and under staffing issues, but that doesn't mean it isn't trying to win over its loyal passengers. Spirit Airlines will be adding a second gate at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Spirit is known for its vibrant yellow planes and cheap air fares with taxing fees on baggage and seat arrangements.

"Spirit Airlines is preparing for a future expansion as part of a continued commitment to Cleveland, and the airline has a long-standing partnership with the airport. With the addition of another gate and office space it allows for growth opportunities for Spirit to and from CLE," the Hopkins Twitter account posted. Now Spirit currently flies to 11 destinations from Cleveland.

On top of the expansion, Spirit Airlines also announced it "recently added nonstop service to Miami from CLE." Hopefully this means it will be less crowded near the Spirit gates. The expansion should go into effect Dec. 1.

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