Cornerback Troy Hill Spoke to the Media 11/8/21

On the Browns secondary’s performance yesterday against the Bengals:

“I think overall, we played great. We still can clean some things up and get some plays that we want back, but as a group, I think we did our thing. That is just like a building block that we have to keep building on.”

On if the Browns defense’s gameplan was different yesterday than the first eight weeks of the season:

“No, I do not think it was any different. I just think we came out and we executed a lot better than how we have been executing throughout the year.”

On if he was upset one of the sacks he was initially credited with was later assigned to LB Anthony Walker Jr.:

“That was a tough one. I think I should have at least gotten a partial credit for that sack. It is all good, though. My boy A-Walk, he got the tackles and he was out there balling, too so I am happy he got that.”

On if the Browns defense was more physical and aggressive in yesterday’s game and if the unit can play that way the rest of the season:

“I feel like we can play that way the rest of the way. We have to keep putting it out there, put it on tape week in and week out and make sure we hone in on the little details and things like that. Just keep on going. It is an any given Sunday type of league, but I think if we can keep putting it out there, the truest measurement of your performance is consistency. That is all we have to do is just come out and keep being consistent.”

On if yesterday’s performance was his best so far with the Browns:

“Do I think it was my best game as a Brown? It was a great game for me, but I have to keep putting it together.”

On if it simply takes time for the Browns DBs to gel as a unit, particularly given the number of injuries the team has sustained this season:

“I feel like we are going to peak at the right time and we are trying to peak at the right time. It does take time to build chemistry and understand how people play, and a lot of people are still understanding the defense and things like that. You just want to keep building week in and week out and keep getting better week in and week out. I think we have been playing some good defense. We had a couple of games that we gave up some points, but we just have to keep putting it together week in and week out. It definitely took us a little time, but we still are going to find out things throughout the season to help us improve. I am looking forward to the journey, and when the season is over, we look up and see what type of defense we have throughout this year.”

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