Mentor Police on the Prowl for Porch Pirates

Photo: Mentor Police Department

Cleveland, OH - Although consumers are always encouraged to shop local when they can, online sales are expected to set records again this holiday season. This increase in purchases and deliveries is sure to result in an increase in porch piracy as well. But, the Mentor Police Department is fighting back with the return of their undercover Porch Pirate detail which was launched last year.

Officers will be operating throughout city neighborhoods utilizing a variety of tools including unmarked vehicles, surveillance equipment, and the use of bait boxes that contain GPS tracking units. 

Porch piracy is a crime of opportunity. Thieves will often follow a delivery truck or simply cruise around an area looking for an attractive target. Specifically, these criminals are on the lookout for high value items that they can quickly flip for cash.

Residents are reminded that taking precautionary steps to protect themselves is the first line of defense. Be sure to track your online orders, remove them from your porch as soon as they are delivered, and consider investing in security cameras. Finally, be a good neighbor and keep an eye out for each other. If you see a suspicious car, or a theft in progress, jot down the license plate and contact the police. A description of a suspect or their vehicle, a partial license plate, stolen property, and other factors can lead to an arrest.

Those convicted of misdemeanor theft in the City of Mentor can face up to six-months in jail, even for a first offense.

If you think you have been a victim of theft, contact the Mentor Police Department at (440) 255-1234 to report it.

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