OSBA to Cut Ties With National School Boards Association


Photo: Getty Images

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio School Boards Association is cutting ties with the National School Boards Association, over the letter sent to President Biden that expressed concerns about parental involvement in education, and actions at local school board meetings.

The NSBA asked the Department of Justice to investigate the activities of parents, with some of it being labeled "domestic terrorism". Parents have been expressing frustration at recent local school board meetings over mask mandates and the teaching of critical race theory.

The Ohio School Boards Association says they were not consulted about the letter, and did not request it.

OSBA Chief Executive Officer Rick Lewis says, "We believe in the value of parental and community discussion at school board meetings, and there is tremendous value in allowing and encouraging the public to have meaningful input into the decision making process. However, that participation should not come at the expense of interfering with the board’s ability to conduct its business or subjecting individual board members to threats of violence, abuse, or harassment. But dealing with such interference should be dealt with at the local level, not by federal officials."

ABC-6 is reporting that Worthington City School Board member Charlie Wilson helped draft the NSBA letter to President Biden.

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