"Hack-a-thon" Coming to the City of Elyria to Bring Solutions to Problems

(Elyria, OH) - A "working conference", also known as a "Hack-a-thon" is coming to the City of Elyria to bring solutions to community-wide problems.

The City of Elyria will collaborate with Case Western Reserve University, Dataswift, Kinetic by Windstream, and Lorain County Community College on Elyria’s first “Hack-a-thon.” The Hack-a-Thon will be held this weekend, October 22-24, virtually

In this case, participants work over the weekend to “hack” together a solution to community-wide issues in Elyria, such as: community violence and crime; social, emotional, and mental wellness; Improvements or expansions of local parks; small business ideas or business support; out-of-school youth development; unemployment and underemployment; and revitalizing the local travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

There are many ways to get involved in the 2021 Hack-a-thon. First, start by telling friends and family about the Hack-a-thon.

Those interested in participating in the Hack-a-thon can register and attend the virtual opening night on October 22 and join a team and to “hack” an issue.

Winning teams will be announced by Monday November 1, 2021 and the prize money will be divided among the team members. Please visit hackfromhome.com/elyria for more information.

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