Anthony Walker Jr. Spoke to the Media 10-18-21

On LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah’s injury and how Owusu-Koramoah was progressing:

“Obviously, hate to see that for him. Obviously, he was starting to come into his own and definitely flying around making plays all over the field. I know he is a true professional so he will take this time and stay in his playbook and get all of the recovery and rest that he needs so when he does get back, he will be 100 percent. I have no worries about that. Obviously, you miss him on the field, just his presence, the plays that he makes and everything like that, but we have to have guys step up.”

On if he has ever seen a team sustain so many injuries in this period of time:

“Every year in the NFL is a different year when it comes to injuries and when it comes to how things work out. I can’t really say if I have seen this before, but I do know that you have to have that next man up mentality. Sometimes you are dealt that hand, but you can’t just fold; you have to go out and play the hand that you are dealt. We are going to have guys step up and make plays. We have a lot of guys in our locker room who understand that and who are ready for the opportunity. We will be ready to go.”

On if players have conversations between each other about whether or not a player should play through an injury or rest:

“That is not something… I do not think I have ever heard that. Injuries are discussed between doctors and coaches. We will leave that to them. When a guy is ready to go, we want them on the field. If he is not ready, then we have other guys who are ready to step up.”

On recent miscommunication on defense leading to big plays, especially in the secondary, and what the team can do to address it during a short practice week:

“You can say it is the secondary, but it starts with the linebackers and it starts with me in the middle. I have to make sure the guys know what we are doing. We have to go and execute – everyone. That is the role that you take on as being the MIKE linebacker. I do not put it on anybody but myself at this point. It is disappointing so I have to be better.”

On if it is part of his job as a leader on defense to speak with players to move on following questionable penalty calls, referring to one of the Cardinals’ TD drives yesterday:

“Anytime you get a couple of questionable calls, whether they are questionable or not, you get a little antsy. Guys want to get off of the field. Obviously, we have to play better and play smarter at the top of the routes and everything like that. At the end of the day, it is the NFL. Some calls are not going to go your way. Just more so like you said, we have to flush it and move on. When you are playing against a good team with good receivers, we can’t give them anything. The penalties, whether they were right or wrong, we can’t have them. When they do happen, we have to flush it and move on. We have to be able to get off of the field and hold them to a field goal once they get in the red zone. We have to be better with that.”

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