Odell Beckham Jr. Spoke to the Media 10-14-21

On his emotions after last week’s close loss to the Chargers:

“It sucks. At the end of the day, losing sucks, period. Like I told you earlier, we are one of those teams that is going to do those little things that will end up winning those games. The Chargers are not some slouch team. They are a very good football team. Had a couple guys injured. It is what it is. A couple of calls that could have went a different way. Like I tell you, I have been in the league long enough to know that it is those little things that add up in a game that ultimately you lose the game. Our defense would probably never give up 47 points again. As an offense, we have to find a way to score at the end. Like I said, it is just the little things we did not do that unfortunately we ended up losing the game because of those.”

On how much he is itching to get more touches despite contributing to the Browns offense in other ways:

“I cannot sit here and lie like, ‘I do not want the ball.’ Like I tell you every time I get up here, they do not pay James Harden for defense, you know what I mean? He is a shooter. I feel like I am a shooter. As I get down in the red zone and I am running a corner route and three people come with me and Higgy (WR Rashard Higgins) is wide open, I have to know that happens. I know that I bring a lot of attention to defenses on the other end, and other people are going to be open. You just have to live with that. Ultimately like I said, the Chargers are not some slouch team. They are a 4-1 team, and the only team they lost to is a 4-1 team. They were just were a better team that day. Like I said, they did the little things they had to do.”

On balancing team success while having personal goals:

“Like I say, the ultimate goal is to win a championship. I feel like I am in a great situation to do. It may not be me – there are going to be days where it will be my day and we will be sitting up here and the conversations will be different and then it is all is well. It just is what it is at this point. Like I said, my main focus was to be healthy, to be able to stay healthy and get through a season because it has been season after season since the ankle, which led to tearing my quad in 2018, to sports-hernia surgery to playing through that full year healthy to having surgery, and in the beginning of 2020, to come into the 2020 season just off of hernia surgery to then tear my ACL so it is just been a brutal road starting from an ankle injury that I came back five to six weeks too early from.”

On if the Chargers defense prevented him from getting the ball in his hands on running plays:

“I do not know. It is something you take a look at. You see me flying around on a reverse, teams are going to be flying around with me. Now you have two or three people running and I am running on a reverse against two or three people, what is the best play? Obviously, I do not think there is any lack of effort for Coach or anybody to try and get the ball in my hands. It just kind of works out that way. The defense pays more attention. It was one of those games where I got the ball less than other games where we have tried to get the ball.”

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