Denzel Ward Spoke to the Media 10-14-21

On if he expects to play on Sunday:


On his neck injury last week:

“I had kind of hurt my neck in the Minnesota game. I was obviously able to finish the game, but after the game, I was kind of hurting or whatever and just was trying to heal it up for the week. It just bothered me in the next game Chargers and was not able to go.”

On how he felt Sunday and Monday after the Vikings game:

“I always felt like I was always going to be good but was not able to go for that Chargers game.”

On the culture of Browns players battling playing through injuries and continuing to play:

“Yeah it is definitely the culture. That is what the coaches they want here in the organization. They want the guys to fight through and push through injury. You may be hurt but want guys who build that callous and work. That is definitely the culture and what they try to preach around here.”

On CB A.J. Green’s performance last week and how tough it is for Green to play after not getting a lot of starting reps during the week:

“I think both him and (CB) Greedy (Williams) played well. Like you said, to be able to jump in there and play, he took good mental reps and got his reps in practice. I think he was prepared going into that game, though.”

On the Cardinals offense:

“They are a special offense. They have a lot of talent around there and a great quarterback. They have the receivers. You guys see it every week. They are able to put a lot of points on the board, and we just have to go in there and take care of our job.”

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