Browns HC Kevin Stefanski Gives Injury Updates Ahead of Chargers

Opening statement:

“Looking forward to the challenge this week. A really good football team. They are really good on all three sides of the ball and well coached. I know our guys understand the challenge that we have. It has been a good week of practice. We will get out there and look forward to seeing our fans in that building. I know our fans travel well, and we will see them in L.A.”

On DE Myles Garrett’s status:

“Limited yesterday. Did not practice today. We will see how it goes in the next 48 hours.”

On T Jedrick Wills Jr. being listed as questionable:


On if Wills is doing extra work behind the scenes and if Wills has a chance to play on Sunday:

“Yeah, I think he has a chance to play, but we will continue to evaluate him, and again, use the next 48 hours to make that determination.”

On who would start at LT if Wills is unable to play, given T Chris Hubbard was listed as out:

“I would not say who would be the guy.”

On details on Garrett’s status:

“He is sore.”

On confirming Garrett is dealing with lower body soreness:


On QB Baker Mayfield playing through a shoulder injury and any potential concerns with the nature of the injury:

“I can’t speculate about what the concern would be. I would just tell you, he has told you guys that it is not a concern of his, and I have watched him practice, and he has done a nice job.”

On if the Browns will activate LB Anthony Walker Jr. from injured reserve prior to Sunday:

“He looked good to me out there. We will see what we do here in the next couple of days.”

On if Mayfield has needed to change throwing mechanics due to the shoulder injury:

“I do not believe so, no.”

On how T James Hudson III performed in practice this week:

“He is working hard. He is a young man who since the day he got here, he works very, very hard, and he has a couple of coaches who want to work with him. He has done a nice job.”

On if Garrett gave him a gift after the Vikings game, given the comments Garrett made in a postgame TV interview:

“He did not.”

On the Chargers defense:

“They do a really nice job. Multiple personnel groupings. Multiple versions of nickel. Multiple versions of their base. They can line up in different fronts. They do a really nice job in coverage. I have seen the coverage elements with (Chargers Head) Coach (Brandon) Staley and with (Broncos Head) Coach (Vic) Fangio and what they did together in Chicago, and of course, it has evolved. They just do a really nice job. They play really sound coverage to match with their really physical front.”

On the Chargers hurrying up to the line on some third or fourth downs and if that presents a challenge to the defense:

“A lot of teams are mixed tempo throughout a series – it is not just it is full speed or up tempo for a series. Sometimes you get in and out of it. They have done a nice job of that. Defensively, we have to get aligned very quickly. You will see them get aligned very quickly, and they are snapping the ball so we have to do the same and use our rules to our advantage.”

On if Walker is good to go:

“He has looked good.”

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