New Information In Amy Mihaljevic Case

(Bay Village) - it's been over 30 years since the disappearance and murder of 10-year-old Amy Mihaljevic, and teven though the case was never solved, Bay Village Police still get tips to this day. They're hoping that a special edition of NBC's Dateline that aired Friday night will bring out more clues.

It was October 1989 when Amy told a friend that she was going to meet with a man who said he was a co-worker of her mother's, and he needed help to choose a gift for her to congratulate her for a promotion. That has been reported to be the last time Amy had been seen. However, the NBC program mentioned one point that had not been publicized before. A girl fitting Amy's description, along with a man, had been see that afternoon at the old Westgate Mall in Fairview Park.

Amy's body was found the following February in a field in Ashland County. A homemade green curtain was also found. The Dateline program reported that the curtain has now been determined to have some of Amy's hairs attached to it, proof that the curtain was used to wrap up her body.

Another point brought up in the Dateline report is that two other girls in the Westshore suburbs received calls similar to the one Amy received to lure her. Those girls, now women about 40 who wanted to remain unidentified, said they thought something was wrong and never responded to the man who called them to say he wanted help in choosing a gift for their mothers.

The Bay Village Police and the FBI have received more than 10,000 tips about Amy over the years, and hope that the Dateline program will help generate more.

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