Bedrock Proposes "Vision For The Valley" Plan For Cleveland Riverfront

(Cleveland) - Bedrock, the real estate company owned by Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, has unveiled its grand plan for redeveloping Cleveland's riverfront, called "Vision For The Valley." The plan, endorsed by the City of Cleveland, calls for a 20-30 year strategy to develop a complete new neighborhood in the area behind Tower City, and along Collision Bend.

Bedrock says the plan calls for a "15-minute neighborhood and an 18-hour city," meaning the area will be walkable, and there will be a lot to do both during, and after work hours.

The plan calls for homes, offices, retail and entertainment. While Bedrock would develop the buildings, the city would create new infrastructure, including better access roads to the site.

This is not the first plan for this part of Cleveland. When Tower City was developed about 30 years ago, there was talk of expansion. There had been plans to build a casino on the riverfront, before it eventually went into the Higbee Building.

Concept of "Vision For The Valley"Photo: Courtesy Bedrock

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