Browns RB Nick Chubb Ready to Square Off Against Familiar Faces

On the Texans defense:

“I see a lot of guys who played here, for one (laughter). After that, I see a group of guys who want to win, who play hard and who play together. Despite things that have been said about them, they are ignoring the noise, they are going out there and they are playing their butts off. I see a team that is excited to play and excited to prove themselves.”

On if it is odd seeing so many previous Browns players on the Texans roster:

“It is, but I guess that is how the NFL goes. It is part of the business. This is my first time actually seeing it happen like that – guys I have played with being across from me on the other team. I am excited to see some of the guys for one thing. I am excited to play against them, too. We have a great challenge ahead of us.”

On the Browns not losing back-to-back games last season:

“I guess because we do not like losing so we get that loss in, we go back and we try to fix and correct things and then we go from there.”

On if coaching has an element to the Browns not losing back-to-back games last season:

“Yeah, I think it is a little bit of everything. Coaches coming in and making a better plan for us and us coming here every day on the practice field, practicing better, executing better and putting everything together.”

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