Browns TE Harrison Bryant Expects to Play Against Falcons

TE Harrison Bryant:

On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski saying select starters will play on Sunday and if that is a topic of conversation in the locker room:

“I do not think in the locker room anyone really talks about it. Obviously, once you are in your position room, your coach is going to tell you what the gameplan is in terms of playing time, how many series and who is going to play in what positions. Whatever they say goes so we just prepare like that and get ready to go.”

On if he expects to play this week:

“I am not sure yet. I think I will play. I am not sure about everyone, but I am pretty sure I will be out there. I do not know how long, for how many plays or it may be the whole game, but I am just preparing like I am playing the whole game so that I will be ready to go.”

On potential for injuries in a preseason game being a factor in the coaches’ decision of who plays and how much and if that goes through a player’s head prior to the game:

“Obviously, injuries can happen any day. I could have gotten injured today. For me personal, I just prepare every day and get my body ready every day to go through these practice and go through games. Whenever I am out there, I am 100 percent and I try not to think about that – just go out and play fast and have fun.”

On how much more prepared he feels as a blocker to face larger players:

“Obviously, I feel more confident in terms of that aspect of my game. Just continuing to improve on it daily. So far through camp and the time in the preseason games, I feel like I have been improving on that. Just look forward to continuing to improve on that, get out in the game and use it to my ability.”

On if offensive line coach Bill Callahan gives blocking advice to the TEs:

“Every day at practice before individual, we go with the O line and Coach Callahan and (assistant offensive line) Coach (Scott) Peters. We are working combinations with the tackles. Obviously, he is extremely intelligent in terms of the blocking game. Try to take everything he says and use it in my game.”

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