Browns DE Jadeveon Clowney Grateful to be Participating in Camp

DE Jadeveon Clowney:

On if he still feels like it was good exposure to participate in training camp:

“Oh, for sure. Getting back acclimated in football, it has been a while. Getting out there with my teammates and getting to know them. It has been crazy jumping into each team the last few years not even knowing my teammates really and just playing with guys. Getting out of here and get going and getting to know my teammates has been a great experience. It has been pretty good for me.”

On if everything is alright with his health after missing time:

“Yeah, I feel pretty good. Getting ready to go. It is camp, a part of camp. Stuff happens. Have to take care of what you have to and get ready for this long season. That was the goal is not to come out here and hurt anything. If something happens, a little strain or something, take care of it now so it does not linger later on.”

On if he would be ready to go if the regular season started today:

“Like I said, I jumped into the last four seasons Week 1 and played and did pretty well. For me to come out and get this training camp experience and move around and get going, I think I will be OK. I just have to go out there and do what I do.”

On how good it is to see DE Takk McKinley back at practice:

“It is very nice to see him out here. We have been worried about him. He is part of the group we got and came in with us. We have been communicating with him, starting to get to know him just as well. He just has not been here and been dealing with his own issues, but that is between him and whatever he got going on. We are here for him. That is all I can tell him.”

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