Jury Selected in Trial of Former Cuyahoga County Jail Director

(Cleveland, OH) - The jury has now been selected in the trial of the former Cuyahoga County jail director that is accused of mismanaging the jail in the run-up to a string of inmate deaths in 2018.

Former Cuyahoga County Jail director Ken Mills is charged with third-degree felony tampering with records and two misdemeanor counts of falsification and dereliction of duty.

Prosecutors say he acted with negligence in his duty of running the jail and violated state regulations and failed to provide inmates with adequate food, shelter and health care.

Mills is also accused of lying to Cuyahoga County Council during a public meeting about his role in blocking the hiring of nurses at the jail in the months before the series of inmate deaths began.

Prosecutors with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and Mills’ defense attorneys are expected to deliver opening statements and begin witness testimony Wednesday morning.

The 12 jurors selected Tuesday include seven men and five women.

Four alternate jurors were also selected Tuesday.

The trial is expected to last at least two weeks.

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