Mindful Music Moments now free for all Northeast Ohio Schools

(Cleveland, OH) - In an attempt to help bring calm and focus to every school in Northeast Ohio this year, The Cleveland Orchestra announced that its Mindful Music Moments program will be available for pre-K through grade 12 for free during the upcoming academic year.

This innovative musical tool for social-emotional wellbeing was created through a partnership with The Well.

The tool will providing students with a four-minute daily dose of classical music performed by The Cleveland Orchestra coupled with mindfulness techniques delivered through participating schools’ morning announcements or virtual learning.

The focus of the endeavor is to reduce anxiety, foster a beneficial learning environment through recordings by the Cleveland Orchestra and to expand access to music statewide.

Currently, more than 50,000 students in over 50 schools across Northeast Ohio experience The Cleveland Orchestra’s Mindful Music Moments every school day. This fall, the program will also be available for young people at the Boys & Girls Club of Northeast Ohio.

For an example of what students will hear, visit The Cleveland Orchestra’s YouTube channel

How to Register

Pre-schools can register for Mindful Music Moments at bit.ly/free-mindful-music. K-12 schools can register at bit.ly/free-school-subscription. Benefits include:

  • An easy-to-use web link
  • A daily ritual of calm and focus to support learning without sacrificing academic time
  • Access to a unique password for the entire school community so the program can also be used by students at home or virtual environments
  • Free classroom support materials
  • Mindfulness training and support for staff, parents, and volunteers

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