Browns TE David Njoku Wants to be in Cleveland Long Term

On going back and forth with NY Giants S Jabrill Peppers yesterday in practice:

“That is a very close friend of mine so it is always good to see him and compete with him. It was a fun time.”

On if it was satisfying to make a big catch against Peppers in one on ones:

“Never satisfied. It was a good catch, but there is always room to improve. I am going to improve today in practice.”

On if this training camp feels any different than past years:

“Just seeing it differently. Working towards the end goal of winning every day. That is pretty much it.”

On what it means to be praised by the Browns front office and teammates for the work he put in this offseason and to elevate his game:

“I appreciate those compliments, but I do not see myself anywhere near finished working. I am just going to continue to work every day.”

On his mindset heading into this season in regards to being with the Browns and if it has changed from last season:

“Of course. We are going to leave last in the past. What I can say is I am in a way [more] positive mindset, a lot more positive this year. Just playing for myself, playing for my teammates and playing for the team. It is a lot easier to work hard that way.”

On if he wants to be in Cleveland long term:

“Of course. I have been for four years, knocking on five. I do not really know anything different. I would like to stay here.”

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