Browns Running Back Nick Chubb Speaks with Media in Berea

On the balance between getting reps in practices compared to preseason games and if the RBs can accomplish more in these two joint practices with the NY Giants than a preseason game:

“It is probably about the same to be honest. I think the biggest thing for all of us who were not playing in the preseason game come out here and almost treat it like a game. Get the reps, get the conditioning, get the finish, feel that contact and try to make it seem like a game so we can be ready whenever we do decide to play.”

On if it is not as necessary for a RB to get reps in a preseason game than other positions:

“Me personally, I have not played in a preseason game since [the first preseason game of 2018] and I felt good the past two seasons, which last year nobody played. I guess it depends on the person and the individual.”

On evaluating the running game when there is not as much contact in training camp practices:

“You have to practice hard. That is what we do here. I practice hard every day. I feel like I will be ready whenever the time is that I play. The contact part, we get wrapped up here pretty well. It is just not taking it to the ground.”

On if he and RB Kareem Hunt have a good sense for when is best for each of them to be on the field:

“Yeah, I think so. I think we balance it well. Whether I am in or Kareem, it does not matter who is in– we are both able to do some great things behind our line and play calling. It works out for both of us.”

On if it will be weird to see former Browns Head Coach and current NY Giants senior offensive assistant Freddie Kitchens at practice today:

“I am excited to see Freddie. We have a couple of guys over there who… I played at Georgia with some guys. I know Freddie, (NY Giants offensive assistant) Jody Wright and (NY Giants assistant coach – special projects and situations) Coach Amos (Jones). I am happy to see all of them.”

On if he was able to speak with any of the former Browns coaches either before or after last year’s regular season game:

“Yeah, I think I spoke to them after the game.”

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